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We are Fleet Optimise Ltd and since 2004 we’ve been helping companies throughout the U.K. and Ireland achieve greater visibility and control of their fleet and their transport costs with instant, live and historical information from their Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Computers.

We are the providers of vehiclesTRACKED.  Easy to use, highly automated, Web and Smartphone based software and Apps that provide excellent on-going returns on investment, both in terms of money saved and productive time.

We also provide this with a 30 day rolling contract, i.e. no ties.  So if your fleet size shrinks or you no longer require our help then you’re safe in the knowledge that we haven’t tied you in to a lengthy contract full of costly penalty clauses.  Additionally if your fleet grows then you don’t have to enter in to another fixed term contract with a different, longer expiry date to your original agreement with us.

What’s more we can get you up and running quickly.  Regardless of your fleet size, location or I.T. knowledge we’ll get the benefits to you promptly and keep them coming.


Detailed below are just some of the benefits we can bring you.  Get in touch to find out more.


Quickly establish the true location and status of your vehicles, historical journeys, distances travelled and punctuality


Keep your company's / organisation's fuel bills down and under control with a true account of all journeys made


Identify and address any areas for on-going improvements in driver / vehicle productivity and punctuality

Wages & Job Attendance

Confirm attendance, overtime, punctuality, and out of office hours worked

Customer Service

Give your customers (colleagues and suppliers) an even better service with quicker accurate information

30 Day Contract

Don’t tie yourself in to contracts with more expiry dates every time you track more vehicles. With us you can increase, reduce or cancel your requirements without penalties

Works On Any PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone

Download The Free Mobile Apps

Instantly live track your vehicles and check on historical journeys whenever and wherever from your Smart Phone or Tablet. Our Apple and Android Apps are free to download and free to use.  Click on the relevant icons below to download the free App.

Click On The Logo Above
Click On The Logo Above


Here are some of the great features vehiclesTRACKED has to offer.  To find out about these and more please get in touch.

Live & Historical Tracking
Comprehensive Reports
Journey Replay
Geofences and Points of Interest
Instant Alerts
Detailed Mapping
Driver Performance
Maintenance Diary
Vehicle Proximity
Traffic Information


You can generate as many Reports as you want.  You can also schedule them to be emailed to you.  For example: Timesheets of all of your Drivers, delivered to your Inbox, early every Monday morning.  Our Reports include: –

Site Visits
Out of Hours
Driver Behaviour
All Data

Report Formats




Additional Tracking & Functionality

We also provide a lot more additional tracking, functionality and reporting that is integrated in to ‘Easy Track’. To find out more please contact us.


Vehicle Tracking Devices

OBD 'Plug & Play'

  • Plug it straight in to the ODB Port on your vehicles
  • Video installation instructions provided
  • Easily move it between vehicles
  • Small and compact

Vehicle Battery’ Connection

  • Connect directly on the Battery
  • Install it yourself (and move it between vehicles)
  • Video installation instructions provided
  • Weather & Waterproof

Professionally Installed

  • Installed by one of our  Nationwide Engineers
  • No drilling, not visible, nor audible
  • More discreet secure
  • Connected to the vehicle electronics and fuse board

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